10 best Wattson skins in Apex Legends

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Best Wattson skins Apex Legends
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Wattson has countless skins for players to choose from in Apex Legends, but which of her cosmetics are the best and will make you stand out from the crowd in the Outlands?

Since her release all the way back in Season 2, Wattson has been a fan-favorite Legend within the community. However, this has never been reflected in her pick rate, which has always remained one of the lowest in the game.

Despite this, the Static Defender has a small community of mains who have mastered her abilities and love setting up fences to catch out enemies in the Outlands.

Of course, mastering her kit is only half the battle, as it can be almost impossible to choose a skin from the countless cosmetics Respawn releases with every event.

So, to help you pick the best skin for the Static Defender, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best skins for Wattson.

Top 10 best skins for Wattson

Note: Not all of these skins are available to craft or buy in the store at the moment and some were part of limited-time events from the past. 

10. Chaos Conductor

Chaos Conductor Wattson
Respawn Entertainment
The Chaos Conductor Wattson skin.

Chaos Conductor Wattson was released alongside Season 8’s Chaos Theory event and was available to craft for 2,400 materials.

9. Strange Attractor

Strange Attractor Wattson
Respawn Entertainment
The Strange Attractor Wattson skin.

Strange Attractor Wattson was not part of any event and is available to craft in the skins tab for 1,200 materials.

8. Shocking Stuffer

Shocking Stuffer Wattson
Respawn Entertainment
The Shocking Stuffer Wattson skin.

Shocking Stuffer Wattson was originally part of Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash Event back in 2019 but makes a return every December in a bundle.

7. Outlands Explorer

Outlands Explorer Wattson
Respawn Entertainment
The Outlands Explorer Wattson skin.

Outlands Explorer Wattson arrived with the Season 5 Lost Treasures Collection Event and was available to craft for 2,400 materials.

6. Ruby Joules

Ruby Joules Wattson
Respawn Entertainment
The Ruby Joules Wattson skin.

Ruby Joules Wattson requires ‘Strange Attractor’ as well as 6500 Legend Tokens to craft and was last seen in the store back in May of 2020.

5. Kawaii Voltage

Kawaii Voltage Wattson
Respawn Entertainment
The Kawaii Voltage Wattson skin.

Kawaii Voltage Wattson was released with the Arenas Flash Event in 2021 as a reward for collecting a specific number of points on the Prize Tracker.

4. Rocket Scientist

Rocket Scientist Wattson
Respawn Entertainment
The Rocket Scientist Wattson skin.

Rocket Scientist Wattson was released with the Season 8 Anniversary Collection Event in 2021 and was available to craft for 1,200 materials.

3. Silver Age

Silver Age Wattson
Respawn Entertainment
The Silver Age Wattson skin.

Silver Age Wattson arrived with the Season 3 Grand Soirée Arcade Event as part of a bundle for 1,800 Apex Coins.

2. Thunder Kitty

Thunder Kitty Wattson
Respawn Entertainment
The Thunder Kitty Wattson skin.

Thunder Kitty Wattson was part of the Season 12 Anniversary Collection Event in 2022 and was available to craft for 2,400 materials.

1. Cyber Punked

Cyber Punked Wattson
Respawn Entertainment
The Cyber Punked Wattson skin.

Cyber Punked Wattson was unlocked at level 50 of the Season 4 Battle Pass.

So, there you have it, those are our top 10 skins for the Static Defender, Wattson. We’ll be sure to update our list as more skins are released in upcoming Collection Events and seasonal updates.

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