10 best Seer skins in Apex Legends

best apex legends seer skinsRespawn Entertainment, Dexerto

Apex Legends‘ Ambush Artist, Seer, has a unique design that opens a thousand and one doors in terms of skin and cosmetic designs. Here are our top 10 looks for Seer.

If there’s one character that embodies flamboyance, it’s Seer. Renowned for his fluid, dance-like movements, the character’s wide-brimmed hat and cropped top have given the devs a unique opportunity to create some awesome in-game cosmetics.

From the Check Me Out Prime Gaming skin to the Legendary Afrofuturism outfit, each of the Boreas-born boy wonder’s looks harken back to his heritage, characterized by colorful patterns and out-there styles.

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So, without further ado, here are our top ten Seer skins in Apex Legends.

Best Apex Legends skins for Seer

Note: Not all of these skins are available to craft or buy in the store at the moment and some were part of limited-time events from the past. 

10. Heartthrob

apex legends heartthrob seer skinRespawn Entertainment
If you touched this outfit it looks like it’d feel like velvet.

Introduced alongside the man himself in Season 10, the deep violets of this pretty snazzy outfit contrast perfectly with the golden inlays built into the suit. The Legendary cosmetic could only be purchased for 3,000 Apex Coins with Seer’s launch bundle, meaning it is no longer available.

9. Curtain Call

apex legends seer curtain call skinRespawn Entertainment
Can we get an encore?

Back in blue with a license to strut, this Rare Seer skin was only available in the Emergence Packs that dropped during Season 11, making it unique to that season.

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8. Afrofuturism

apex legends seer afrofuturism skinRespawn Entertainment
Seer’s outfits harken back to his heritage, and we love it.

Channeling his Boreas heritage with colorful patterns, beads, and an awesome-looking hat, this Legendary skin can be purchased using 1,200 Crafting Metals.

7. Light Show

apex legends light show seer skinRespawn Entertainment
You all ready for a light show? Seer is.

Looking for a Light Show? This skin is the one for you. Available all year round, this Legendary cosmetic can be acquired using 1,200 Crafting Metals.

6. Heart of Gold

apex legends seer heart of gold skinRespawn Entertainment
A look fit for a king.

Channeling pan-African Wakanda-inspired elegance, Heart of Gold has to be one of our all-time favorites. Unlocked with Level 1 of the Season 10 Battle Pass for those who picked the premium track, this stunning Rare outfit is absolute perfection.

5. Freebooter

apex legends pirate seer skin freebooterTwitter: Shrugtal
Freebooter is literally what pirates will look in the future.

Space cowboy? No thanks, we want a space pirate, and that’s exactly what Freebooter Seer gives us. This Epic skin was part of the Season 11 Raiders Collection event, meaning that if you didn’t pick it up then that ship has, unfortunately, sailed.

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4. Check Me Out

apex legends check me out seer rare skin prime gamingRespawn Entertainment
Check Me Out channels some serious jester vibes.

Oh the joys of Prime Gaming! This awesome checkerboard look for the Apex Games’ resident performance artist was a past free drop for those using Amazon’s subscription service, so if you’re looking for more Rare skins like this check out (pun entirely intended) if you can get involved.

3. Aces High

apex legends aces high seer skin season 12 legendaryRespawn Entertainment
Saturday night outfit; check.

Fancy a more casual look for the Apex Games’ resident heartthrob? Aces High is a Legendary skin that was available at Level 25 of the Season 12 battle pass.

2. Out For Blood

apex legends out for blood legendary seer skinRespawn Entertainment
Are you the hunter, or the prey?

Did you think Bloodhound was the only hunter? It turns out that Seer is hot on their heels with this edgy red number. Out For Blood released as part of the Season 10 Monsters Within event, and could be purchased for 2,400 Crafting Metals.

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1. Iridescent

apex legends seer skin iridescentRespawn Entertainment
Iridescent would make Neo proud.

At the top of our list is this stunning black and green outfit for our favorite Apex artist. Channeling Matrix vibes and complete with glowing emerald eyes that ooze power, the Iridescent skin was part of the 2022 Anniversary Event, costing 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals. You could also obtain this Epic beauty via Anniversary Packs.

So that’s our top 10 Seer skins for Apex Legends’ Ambush Artist extraordinaire! Looking to check out our other rankings? We’ve got everyone from Valkyrie to Caustic at our dedicated Apex Legends page.