My Happy Marriage Episode 12: Release date & time

Miyo from My happy MarriageNetflix

My Happy Marriage Episode 12 will be the concluding episode of the beautiful anime series, and here’s every detail you must know about it.

In the previous chapter of My Happy Marriage, Miyo learned about her mother in detail. She also discovered why her mother decided to seal her supernatural abilities.

Besides that, Kudou got injured in the battle against the grotesqueries and was unable to get back to his conscious stage. So, now, it’s time for Miyo to use her powers for the first time for the sake of his beloved fiance.

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Plenty of shocking events are coming your way with the upcoming chapter, so without taking much time, let’s get to the release details of the exciting episode.

My Happy Marriage Episode 12 release date and time

My Happy Marriage Episode 12 will be released on September 20, 2023, on Netflix for global fans. The below time schedule will help you track the episode’s arrival on the streaming platform at your location:

  • 7:30am PDT
  • 9:30am CDT
  • 10:30am EST
  • 3:30pm British Timing
  • 4:30pm European Timing
  • 8:00pm Indian Timing

What happened in My Happy Marriage Episode 11?

My Happy Marriage Episode 11 starts with Miyo’s grandfather telling her how Sumi married Shinichi Saimori (Miyo’s father). The episode takes us to a flashback where we see that the Usuba organization was in debt, and that’s when the Saimori family sent a marriage proposal for Sumi. Initially, the proposal was rejected by Sumi’s father, but seeing the dire condition, Sumi decided to get married to Shinichi. After the wedding, Sumi wasn’t in touch with the Usubas.

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Kudou from My Happy MarriageNetflix

The next moment, we’re taken back to the present time, where we see Miyo’s grandfather taking her to a tree with pink leaves. The old man tells Miyo about her Dream-Sight abilities and asks her to touch the bark of the tree, and when she does the same, the bark emits a sparkling light. Touching the tree triggers a memory of her mother, where we get to see why Saimoris wanted Shinichi to marry Sumi. After that, we also see that Sumi soon doubted the intentions of her in-laws, and that’s why she sealed Miyo’s ability to protect her from her own family.

Later, Kudou and his team fight with the grotesqueries. Kudou gets defeated and injured in the battle. When Miyo learns about his health, she convinces Arata to take her to the Kudou residence.

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