Hell’s Paradise: How strong is Yamada Asaemon Sagiri?

An image of Sagiri vs Gabimaru in Hell's ParadiseCrunchyroll

Yamada Asaemon Sagiri is an important character in Hell’s Paradise. She’s the only woman in the Yamada Clan to receive a formal ranking and has displayed her skills since the beginning of the series.

In Hell’s Paradise, Samurai are warriors who are in service to a daimyo, or feudal lord, as loyal retainers. Among them are the famous Yamada Clan, who are famous for making medicine, sword testing, and above all, for being talented executioners.

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However, it’s only the men from the Samurai families who train in swordsmanship and other necessary skills to serve their lords. In contrast, women are responsible for taking care of the family household.

However, Sagiri, the daughter of the clan head, breaks the stereotypes of her clan and becomes a full-fledged Asaemon with exceptional skills. Here’s a look at Sagiri’s powers and abilities that make her one of the strongest Asaemon. 

Sagiri’s Swordsmanship in Hell’s Paradise

An image of Sagiri trying to execute GabimaruCrunchyroll

Sagiri has demonstrated excellent speed and reflexes. She was able to sneak behind Gabimaru, who is a trained assassin. If not for the sound of the bell she wears with her uniform, Sagiri could likely be able to behead him.

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Sagiri, like every Asaemon, is capable of decapitating her victims with a single, clean cut from her blade. According to Senta and Genji, Sagiri’s rank is at the bottom because of being a woman. Nonetheless, when her mind is set, Sagiri’s swordplay is unrivalled.

A highly efficient skill she acquired as an Asaemon is the ability to analyze an individual’s anatomy. By merely cutting them down with her sword, Sagiri was able to discover that the Soshin on the island had muscles and bones but no signs of internal organs.

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Does Sagiri learn new skills on the island?

On the island, the expedition team learns that Tao is the source of one’s life energy. It exists within all living beings, and each human has a specific attribute. Sagiri has the wood attribute Tao, and she has the upper hand against Earth Tao users. 

Shion, a Tao user who awoke this capacity long before her, stated that Sagiri was capable of feeling the energy considerably faster than him after progressively becoming accustomed to it. After learning from Yuzuriha, Sagiri was able to suppress her Tao and conceal her presence from others.

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Because Tao is powered by an individual’s extremes or discord, Sagiri is capable of increasing her Tao by following the “Middle Way” This technique primarily requires accepting doubt from within herself along with her strength and weakness, which allows her to combat Rien in her Kishikai. Sagiri needs to concentrate on her breathing in order to complete this task.

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