Blue Lock Chapter 230 Spoilers: Hiori against the Ubers

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Blue Lock Chapter 230 has received early spoilers from the reputed leakers on social media. We will finally get to see Hiori’s comeback on the football field, and that’s something fans have been wanting to see for a long time. Thus, we can expect the upcoming chapter to be a lot more gripping than the previous ones.

Chapter 229 took us on an emotional rollercoaster where we witnessed a heartfelt conversation between Snuffy and his best buddy, Mick. We saw how the duo became nobody after remaining the star combo in every game for some time.

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Snuffy tried to convince Mick that they could start from scratch once again, but the desperation of seeing himself on the top did not let Mick agree with him. Finally, the poor fellow committed suicide as he couldn’t handle the self-created mental pressure.

According to the spoilers of the next chapter, we will get to see more drama as the focus will be shifted to Isagi and Hiori.

Blue Lock 230 spoilers tease the comeback of Hiori on the field

Blue Lock Chapter 230 is titled Buddy, and it will start by showing how Barou’s final goal encourages Snuffy to let go of his early retirement plan. While the Ubers enjoy his decision, Isagi yells with frustration. He says that Barou’s wildest dream has come true as he has defeated Isagi by earning a goal. Isagi gets demotivated as he does not see any way to defeat Barou and Kaiser.

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Raichi arrives and apologizes to Isagi as he thinks it was he who couldn’t keep Snuffy busy till the end. However, Isagi says that Raichi was not at fault. Suddenly, the announcements were made that it was time for Isagi and one more master striker to leave the field, as the substitutes would get the chance to play next.

Snuffy was the first one to walk to the field; he was joined by Sendo. After him, there is Noa, who looks for a worthy partner. Noa looks at Kurona, but he is not in a state to play a match. While Igaguri plans to replace Kurona, Noa chooses Kiyora Jin instead of him. However, Isagi interrupts and asks Noa to take Hiori instead.

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Isagi says that Hiori has a similar thought process of his own, so he is damn sure that Hiori can help the team earn a solid goal. Noa doesn’t look convinced until Hiori jumps in to convince him.

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