Black Clover manga returns from hiatus as ending nears

Terry Oh
Black CloverPierrot/Yuki Tabata

After an extended hiatus, Black Clover manga author Yuki Tabata has announced the return of the manga alongside the beginning of the last arc of the series.

The Black Clover manga recently took a three-month hiatus, right after the conclusion of one of the most intense arcs in the series. Fans have been anxiously waiting on a new update, eager to discover what the next adventure has in store for Asta and his rowdy group of friends.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. The manga received an update on July 29 — introducing the beginning of the last arc of the series.

As to avoid spoilers, this article won’t delve into what’s exactly happening in the manga, but the end is undoubtedly near as publicly stated by the official Black Clover Twitter page.

“The break went by in the blink of an eye, but we’ve been giving it 110% to ensure the final arc will exceed your hopes and expectations,” author Yuki Tabata said in the statement, according to a translation.

“From here on, Asta and his friends will face even tougher challenges on his quest to become the Wizard King. We also have an anime movie in the works!

“I’ll do my best to not let the difficulties of weekly serialization get to me, so I look forward to your continues support.”

Having started in 2015, Black Clover filled a void left gaping by the poor performance of Bleach and the conclusion of Naruto. Although many older generation readers disregarded the series, Black Clover’s manga quickly gained recognition for its excellent combat pacing and well executed story.

Many considered it to be the big new name in Shounen at the time. But as it’s conclusion draws near, it marks the end of yet another era. Even One Piece’s final act is beginning soon.

This effectively leaves yet another void industry, providing new series a perfect opportunity to gain traction. That is, unless Asta has a kid and an entire spin off series based on them.