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Artist merges My Hero Academia and Street Fighter V characters with incredible results

Published: 25/May/2019 21:35 Updated: 25/May/2019 22:06

by Virginia Glaze


With the next season of popular anime My Hero Academia set to release in October 2019, fans are left with a fairly lengthy wait to see where the story goes, next – but one artist is taking matters into their own hands.

New York-based artist ‘Kellzallday’ has created a stunning mesh between the young heroes of My Hero Academia and the classic characters of the Street Fighter franchise, drawing each hero in the iconic attire of Street Fighter’s world warriors.

Kicking off in December of 2018, Kellz started their project with the gravity-defying Uraraka Ochako, who, in the spirit of her internship with Top Hero Gunhead, took on the schoolgirl uniform of Sakura Kasugano, known for her admiration of the series’ main protagonist, Ryu.

Kellzallday, Twitter600

Kellz wasn’t finished, just yet; they likewise combined Mina Ashido with Alpha 3 wrestler R. Mika – likely due to their bubbly personalities, going on to give Yaomomo the iconic leotard of Cammy White’s Delta Red Forces.

Kellzallday, Twitter600Kellzallday, Twitter600

Kellz’s fanart has since become so popular that cosplayers have even brought these crossovers to the real world, with cosplayer ‘Lindsgaycosplay’ creating a near-perfect rendition of Yaomomo’s Cammy-inspired look.

Lindsgaycosplay, Twitter600

It’s not all about the heroes, though; Kellz made sure to give some love to MHA’s villains, as well, seeing fit to combine Himiko Toga’s psychotic personality with Juri Han’s insatiable thirst for vengeance.

Kellzallday, Twitter600

Kellz’ latest additions to the collection include one of Street Fighter’s brand-new characters, the orb-wielding Menat, who Kellz combined with Hearing Hero Kyoka Jiro – although we’re not sure if the orb plays music, in this case.

Kellzallday, Twitter600

While it might seem like their collection features only femme fatales, Kellz has finally added a male to the mix, finding Bakugou’s explosive personality a good match for Ken Masters’ own fiery moveset.

Kellzallday, Twitter600

Bakugou’s explosive entrance to Kellz’ collection comes in the wake of one of the fighting game community’s largest tournaments of the season, Combo Breaker, which features a Premier Event on the Capcom Pro Tour – marking a major opportunity for competitive Street Fighter V players.

While My Hero Academia doesn’t boast a fighting game in the traditional sense, Bandai Namco released My Hero: One’s Justice in August 2018, which allows players to throw down with their favorite heroes.

Bandai Namco, YouTube800

With these crossovers in mind, it would be pretty cool if SFV managed to drop some My Hero skins in the future. What heroes would you like to see featured next in Kellz’s artwork?


Demon Slayer cosplayer melts hearts as Love Pillar Mitsuri Kanroji

Published: 23/Nov/2020 21:15

by Brent Koepp


A Demon Slayer cosplayer went viral on Instagram after sharing her true-to-life take on Mitsuri Kanroji. The artist’s stunning transformation into the Love Pillar will leave fans of the hit anime in awe.

Demon Slayer’s debut in 2019 was explosive as the series has quickly become a worldwide phenomena. The anime is so popular that its first theatrical film Mugen Train is on track to becoming the highest-grossing movie of all time in Japan.

A talented cosplayer celebrated the beloved story by bringing popular character Mitsuri Kanroji to life. The artist’s insanely accurate portrayal of the fierce heroine made waves on Instagram due to how much she looks like the fierce warrior.

Crunchyroll / Ufotable
Mitsuri Kanroji is one of the popular characters of the hit 2019 anime.

Demon Slayer cosplayer’s real life Love Pillar

While the dark anime largely centers on the Kamado siblings, the last half of Season 1 heavily focuses on the fierce warriors of the Demon Slayer corps. These strong swordsman are called Pillars, and they are able to control their breath and unleash incredible powers against their foes.

Cosplayer Melodi Kızılgün went viral after bringing the Love Pillar Mitsuri to life with a jaw-dropping costume. The artist accurately depicted the character’s black and white Demon Slayer corps uniform, while faithfully mirroring her striking pink and green braided hair.

Photographer ‘toyfromearth’ captured Melodi posing with the heroine’s iconic katana, which has a blue hilt and pink hearts underneath the fabric. Recreating a scene from the show, she readies to slay demons with an incredibly detailed prop of Kanroji’s deadly weapon.


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A post shared by Melodi Kızılgün (@kizilgunmelodi)

Despite only being uploaded on November 22, the social media post already collected over 8.8k likes at the time of writing. Her gorgeous portrayal of the heroine made massive waves in just under 24 hours.

Demon Slayer originally made its debut in 2016 as a manga written by renowned Japanese writer Koyoharu Gotog. However, it exploded in popularity after studio Ufotable released its anime adaptation.

While there is currently no update on the show’s return, the movie Mugen Train is out now. The feature length picture bridges the gap between Season 1 and 2.