Here’s what an Apex Legends anime would look like

by Alan Bernal
Respawn Entertainment


A talented Apex Legends fan created an opening sequence that presents the characters and the game's premise as if it were an anime, hyping up fans of both the genre and the battle royale.


Apex Legends has been incredibly popular since its February 4 release, leading fans to create everything from cosplays to amazing tracks and everything in between.

By using various clips from the game’s trailers and opening sequence, Redditor ‘TFB_ADouble’ was able to put together a complete anime intro that has been making fans wonder how it isn’t a real thing yet.


If Apex Legends had an anime opening... from r/apexlegends

TFB_ADouble used similar cuts and character spotlights that one would come to expect from a traditional anime’s opening theme.

The Redditor even tailored the sequence’s beats to the tune of Japanese rock band Hello Sleepwalker’s Shin Sekai, which perfectly prepares the viewer for an epic thrill ride reminiscent of popular anime.


Though some fans would have loved to see the trailer with the opening song of popular animes such as Attack on Titan, most agreed that the song gave the sequence a great balance of fun, chaotic and hype elements.

TFB_ADouble tastefully weaved every Legend in the game by giving them a short intro and instantly cutting to them in action on King’s Canyon. The changing scenes masterfully hinted at every Legend’s motivations, personalities, past conflicts, or devious intentions.


The anime opening stayed true to the title by incredibly mashing its turbulent action and fun characters, which is exactly what Apex Legends fans have come to expect from adventures in the battle royale.