An EPIC My Hero Academia Season 6 trailer has just dropped

shigaraki smiles ominously in my hero academiaCrunchyroll

My Hero Academia’s newest season is on the horizon, and a trailer for this sixth series has finally been dropped.

My Hero Academia, the anime based on the manga by Kohei Horikoshi, is currently one of the biggest shows out there. Season 5 took the world by storm; its first episode had just under 150,000 viewers, which according to My Anime List, made it their most-watched TV premiere of all time.

And now Season 6 is on the horizon, and going by the new trailer, it’s going to be epic.

What will happen in My Hero Academia Season 6?

The sixth season will continue the story of Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, as he studies how to become the world’s greatest superhero. Following the manga by Kōhei Horikoshi that it’s based on, Season 5 ended with the beginning of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, and it seems like Season 6 is going to continue that story, in the most epic way possible.

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The Paranormal Liberation War Arc is a fan-favorite part of the manga, and viewers were hyped when a poster was released depicting all of the heroes that would be involved.

the MHA season 6 poster featuring EndeavorCrunchyroll
Season 6 is gearing up to be MHA’s most exciting season yet

The trailer, which was release on Toho Animation’s official YouTube channel, showcases both pro-heroes and the villainous Paranormal Liberation Front (PLF) facing off in a citywide battle.

While all the expected characters are here, such as Deku, Endevour, etc., many fans are particularly happy to see a lot of the Rabbit Hero Mirko in the trailer. She looks just as tough as ever, squaring up against villains while telling them to “Prepare to die!”

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Everyone in this trailer looks like they are ready to fight to the death, which will no doubt make for an exciting season.

My Hero Academia Rabbit Hero Mirko CosplayCrunchyroll
Rabbit Hero Mirko is one of the toughest heroes in My Hero Academia.

Hawks – another fan-favorite character – is also heavily showcased in the trailer, looking both determined and suspicious. This is no doubt hinting at his upcoming interactions with the villain Dabi, which are scenes that many fans are looking forward to.

Other villains that can be seen in the trailer include the lizard-headed Spinner, some new characters we haven’t met yet, and of course, Shigaraki Tomura, the leader of the PLF. The final shot of him in the trailer looks particularly ominous, hinting at how he is growing in power and becoming one of the most fearsome villains in all of My Hero Academia.

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Deku and Shigaraki will no doubt battle each other once again in Season 6

When will My Hero Academia Season 6 come out?

My Hero Academia Season 6 is planning to arrive in October of this year, though the first episode will premiere at the Ultra Event Hero Festival on July 24 in Japan.

While October seems far away, if this trailer is anything to go by, fans can definitely expect a season that is worth waiting for.

My Hero Academia Season 5 is still available to watch – both dubbed and subbed – on Crunchyroll.