Basic Animal Crossing: New Horizons changes would make life way easier


A few simple upgrades to Animal Crossing: New Horizons would completely change the game for some players, especially since it would cut down the time to craft and stock up on tools.

There are dozens of elements on an island that need constant upkeep. From weeds to clear, to trees, rocks, and bodies of water to harvest precious resources from.

With every swing of the axe or fishing pole cast, a tool’s durability slowly starts to wear on it until it disappears and breaks from excessive use.

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Tools in Animal Crossing can break without a moment’s notice, making it tedious to go back to base and make more.

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But the player can run into an annoying problem since New Horizons neither gives people a way to know how much life a given tool has left, or a way to quickly craft a few of the same item if they know they’re about to go on a cleaning spree.

It’s because of those nuances to the game that players have thought up of simple quality of life upgrades that would go a long way to making New Horizons less of a hassle.

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A basic life bar under a tool in a player’s inventory would be highly advantageous for villagers to have. User ‘Evagast’ showed how it could look to have a status bar that turns red if your shovel, for example, is about to break.

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This would do away with any guesswork if someone is about to go on a Tarantula Island run or will be far from a crafting station to make new tools.

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But even when making new items, there’s still the tedium of having to craft those tools one by one.

However, that could instantly be remedied by user ‘2e7en_’s idea to change the crafting system so that it would let players make multiple items of the same kind with a simple ‘Craft Many’ option.

2e7en_ via Reddit
The upgrade would let Animal Crossing players make multiple items of the same kind at once.

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The idea is to eliminate the default process of having to go through numerous text boxes just to make one item.

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Something that would be a joy to have in the game is the ‘Craft Max!’ button in 2e7en’s design that lets players use up all the materials they have in their inventory to make the most with what they’re bringing to the workbench.

These simple Animal Crossing: New Horizons tweaks would let players manage their inventories much better to focus more time into customizing their islands. Whether or not something along these lines will be added in the future, though, remains to be seen.

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