Animal Crossing players celebrate August with epic Pokemon fireworks

animal crossing new horizons pokemon fireworksNintendo / Twitter: @triforcemeg

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are using the game’s August update to create beautiful Pokemon fireworks shows. The RPG’s monsters are being brought to life in a truly spectacular way.

New Horizons is the latest release in the Animal Crossing series, and made its debut in March. The social-simulation title whisks players away to their very own island where they can build a community and town.

To celebrate August, the game’s latest update brings a stunning fireworks show on every Sunday of the month. Creative users have used the pyrotechnics display to bring Pokemon to life like you’ve never seen before.

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animal crossing pokemon fireworksYouTube: Nintendo
Fireworks have been brought to Animal Crossing in its August update.

Animal Crossing fans create Pokemon fireworks

In August, players can watch a gorgeous fireworks show every Sunday regardless of what hemisphere they are in. The limited-time event also lets users create their own custom pyrotechnics.

In what is the perfect mash-up, fans have creatively used Animal Crossing’s new feature to bring Pokemon to the title. From Pikachu to Gengar, the lovable monsters are lighting up the night sky.

People have been uploading videos of their Pokemon-themed fireworks show, such as Redditor ‘okayjair’ who brought many iconic items and characters to life.

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Other creators shared their displays that were more focused on their favorite ‘mons from the franchise, such as ‘Rehabcinema’ who put on a show based on popular Electric-type monster Jolteon.

YouTuber ‘xAldaris’ showcased many of the incredible designs that Animal Crossing players have been using to make their Pokemon-themed fireworks show a reality. The genius behind the custom in-game art is ‘Shun’ whose Designer ID is MA-8627-7969-6830.

Those wanting to create their very own custom fireworks display are in luck,as the event will run until the end of August. The dates are listed below:

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  • Sunday, August 9th 2020
  • Sunday, August 16th 2020
  • Sunday, August 23rd 2020
  • Sunday, August 30th 2020

Despite releasing in March this year, New Horizons has quickly become the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch title of all time. Consumers can’t seem to get enough of the laidback gameplay Animal Crossing offers.

The social-simulation title’s new features such as terraforming have continued to encourage fans to share their incredible creations online. And it looks like its fireworks displays are no different.

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