Animal Crossing: New Horizons player tearfully recounts losing 500-hour island

Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers looking shockedNintendo

All Animal Crossing: New Horizons players fear losing their beloved islands, especially after putting hundreds of hours into them. One woman told the fateful story of her own 500-hour loss.

When the hustle and bustle of daily life gets to be too much, hopping on games like Animal Corssing: New Horizons helps players instantly relax. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and this rings especially true for fans with lost or corrupted islands.

One such unlucky player took to TikTok to discuss her Animal Crossing: New Horizon island’s demise, garnering thousands of sympathetic comments and views. After spending over 500 hours customizing and decorating everything, she could barely describe what had happened between sobs.

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Dedicated Animal Crossing player cries over lost island

The player in question uploaded this video on TikTok detailing how her Animal Crossing: New Horizons island was lost. After spending a decent chunk of 2020 gathering her favorite villagers and terraforming to her heart’s content, an update came along and destroyed the progress in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, Nintendo was unable to help Jessica as she had apparently incorrectly backed her island’s data up. To further rub salt in her 500-hour deep wound, she had been paying the online subscription for months to prevent this very scenario from ever unfolding.

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While many fellow Animal Crossing players came to the rescue with offers of bells, some were more keen to ask questions about how Jessica could access her island again. She made a follow-up video after fans sent such questions regarding any potential back-up saves.

When asked about her dream address the TikToker explained why she did not have one. Sadly, it seems that she will never see her virtual villagers again.

This is certainly a tragedy, but it’s also a good reminder for Animal Crossing players to make sure they are backing up and saving properly to prevent any such misfortune.

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