Animal Crossing player goes full Breaking Bad with insane secret lab

Nintendo / AMC

The options are truly endless in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with you being able to create an island in your own vision, but one player went the extra mile and created something – well, right out of Breaking Bad. 

The popular series is built on deep storylines, with a lot being hidden away from the public eye, and one fan of the series has brought that same energy to what appears to be an unlikely setting, all things considered.

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You walk into houses in Animal Crossing and usually see pretty paintings, maybe even some unique layouts that people have created, but in one particular house in-game all is not what it seems.

You can do a lot indoors in Animal Crossing, but this takes the cake – and whatever else they’re cooking.

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There might be a whole load of furniture in the home of Reddit user bagelcrisp, but there’s something that not everybody will know about just waiting to be explored.

Of course, just like Walter White, they appear to be cooking up something very interesting in a hidden room – and it might well be one of the most creative ideas we’ve seen so far.

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After moving the bookshelf out from its slot, a black room appears. Right behind it, well, you guessed it… The lab is unveiled in all its glory.

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“Got myself a little side business apart from selling turnips,” the user said, before explaining what others need to do in order to pull off the same sort of lab design.

They added: “I honestly made it on a whim to show my boyfriend lol. I just have so much furniture stored I just put the jankiest furniture and decorations up. As long as you have the science set on a table I’m sure people will get the idea lol.”

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This isn’t the first crossover design that’s been put together in Animal Crossing and after seeing this one, just like another user said, it’s very much looking a lot like Breaking Bad: New Horizons instead.

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