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Animal Crossing: New Horizons visitor guide – Celeste, Redd, Label, more

Published: 22/May/2020 0:37 Updated: 14/Jun/2022 11:27

by Meg Bethany Koepp


If you’re wondering where Celeste is, or when the next time Redd will dock at your town in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve got everything you need to know about all the game’s visitors.

NPC visitors in New Horizons add a variety of different features when they appear on your island. For example, Daisy Mae sells turnips, K.K. Slider performs a song, and Leif brings a wagon filled with flowers and bushes. They don’t appear all of the time, and you’ve probably found yourself wondering when you’ll see them next – this can be especially true for Celeste, as she gives out DIY recipes.


Some characters appear more often than others, and it can feel like some rarely show up at all. There is actually a way to calculate who could be coming to your island when, though, and we’ve got all the details down below.

New Horizons villager guide

There are a variety of visitors in AC:NH.

Reddit user ‘8BitBish’ is the genius behind understanding how the visitor system works, as they put together a handy graphic that details just how often and who will be coming on what days.

Saharah, the mysterious wallpaper and flooring selling camel, is due to appear in your town weekly without fail, and so is Leif, and the shoe merchant Kicks. K.K. performs his songs on a Saturday evening, and Daisy Mae brings her turnips every Sunday morning.


The way Redd, Label, Gulliver, C.J., and Flick work are a little bit different. Two of the five NPCs can be found on your island each week, and the three that didn’t show will have priority the next.

Put together this graphic to visualise when you will see certain characters on your island. from AnimalCrossing

As for Wisp the ghost and Celeste, they only arrive at night – the former showing up randomly after 8PM, and the star-gazing owl making an appearance when there’s shooting stars and meteor showers in the sky.

Having it all laid out is actually a big help, as it can sometimes feel like some characters haven’t visited in forever – now you know why!