Animal Crossing New Horizons leaked update to bring back Brewster

Nick Farrell
Animal Crossing New Horizons leaked update to bring back Brewster

New Horizons had been one of Nintendo’s best released in quite a while, and with seasonal updates becoming a common practice within the game, a new one is rumored to be coming soon and may introduce a beloved character!

New Horizons, the latest installment within the Animal Crossing franchise has been one of the revelations that came out of gaming in 2020, but the game has lacked in post-launch content besides the occasional update.

However, we’re once again gearing up for seasonal updates with the Fall and Winter season right around the corner, and if you’re an Animal Crossing fan, there is a lot to be excited about.

Now, new rumors and leaks have alluded towards a loveable character from previous Animal Crossing games returning in New Horizons during a future update.

new horizons halloween update
Halloween during 2020 was a joyful one for Animal Crossing fans.

Nintendo leaker notes Brewster coming in a future update

Leaks are far too common within gaming, and while Nintendo has done a decent job at controlling some of these leaks, they’ve sometimes broken out into the public.

This is the case when it comes to the future of New Horizons, as notable leaker SamusHunter2, stated that the next major update for AC will be sometime before November at the latest.

As the name suggests, Brewster specializes in making coffee and in previous games, would sell cups of joe for around 200 Bells to your player.

Brewster's cafe
Brewster is coming back to New Horizons according to leaks, and will surely be a lovely addition to your island.

While this isn’t confirmed as of now, SamusHunter2 has also noted that a new Nintendo Direct could be airing sometime within the next week or so.

We’ll have to wait and see what the future of New Horizons is within the next couple of months, but there could be some exciting additions coming soon to players based on these rumors.