Animal Crossing: New Horizons enters the world of anime with new manga

Meg Bethany Koepp
animal crossing mangaViz Media / TM & © 2021 Nintendo.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is jumping headfirst into the world of anime with a new manga. Called “Deserted Island Diary,” the graphic novel focuses on villagers as they navigate island life.

New Horizons took the world by storm when it was released in 2020, becoming a way to forget about reality for many during the height of the global health crisis. Escaping to a deserted island where you can live out your tropical dreams… Bliss.

Now, there’s a new perspective on the series with an upcoming manga. It follows four islanders as they start their new lives in paradise, and also features fan-favorite characters like Tom Nook and Blathers.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons manga

Published by Viz Media and written by KOKONASU RUMBA, the graphic novel centers around characters Coroyuki, Himepoyo, Benben, and Guchan as they participate in classic New Horizons life, doing all the tasks players do on a daily basis such as collecting Bells, donating to the museum, and more.

It also has popular animal villagers too, like Raymond, Dom, Timmy, and Tommy, and the Able Sisters, who interact with the humans in what looks to be some hilarious storylines.

The manga releases on September 14 and can be purchased at all major book retailers.

animal crossing mangaViz Media / TM & © 2021 Nintendo
It also includes a guide with game tips.

This isn’t the first time Animal Crossing has been brought to other mediums like this, but it is a first for the West. In 2006, a movie – titled “Dōbutsu no Mori” – was released in Japan, with a very similar style to “Deserted Island Diary.”

Sadly, it was never released in English, but you can find some pretty convincing fan dubs on YouTube if you’re interested in watching it.