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Animal Crossing fans recreate Brooklyn Nine-Nine intro in New Horizons

Published: 23/May/2020 15:02

by Joe Craven


A dedicated group of Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have shared their incredible recreation of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine theme song, using nothing but characters from Nintendo’s immensely popular title. 

While a number of video games have successfully translated over to TV or vice-versa, we’re not sure many people had 2020’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons down as one that could make the leap.

Some dedicated players, however, saw an opportunity to combine Animal Crossing with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the popular police sitcom. Despite a turbulent past involving a move from FOX to NBC, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, and was recently renewed for an eighth season.


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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is immensely popular across the world.

Fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be very familiar with the show’s infamous theme tune, following an opening skit in every single episode. Did you ever imagine that it could be completely re-skinned with Animal Crossing characters though?

On May 22, Redditors ‘TheHooksters‘ shared their recreation of the show’s opening theme in New Horizons. The show is renamed as Crossing Six-Nine, and features a host of in-game characters as the stars of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

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Tank the rhino stars as the gentle giant played by Terry Crews, while Roald the adorable penguin is brilliantly cast as Charles Boyle, the effeminate, hard-working detective played by Joe Lo Truglio.


Remake of the Brooklyn Nine Nine Intro in Animal Crossing! [OC] from r/AnimalCrossing

To round off the excellent character choice, Al and Drake are cast as the hilariously inept Hitchcock and Scully, while Tom Nook plays the humorless, stern Captain Holt.

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The post quickly garnered considerable attention on the game’s subreddit, sitting at over 11,000 upvotes at the time of writing. One fan joked that it should be made into a regular show called ‘Nooklyn 99’, recreating episodes as they go.

It is not the first time Animal Crossing fans have dedicated considerable time to recreating other media in-game. Studio Ghibli’s infamous ‘Spirited Away’ has already been recreated but, if they’re all going to be as awesome as this one, we’re more than here for it.