Animal Crossing fan’s cute cosplay perfectly captures Isabelle’s cheerful spirit

Bill Cooney. Last updated: Sep 07, 2021

One Animal Crossing fan has pulled off a picture-perfect Isabelle cosplay that looks like she should be managing her own tropical island.

Isabelle is, to many, the face of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Even if you haven’t checked on your island in a while, rest assured she’s still there keeping things going.

Despite the game not being as popular as it was around release, it still had a loyal following. One fan, cosplayer VenusBlessing, showed there’s still plenty of passion for the game with an outfit that just screams “Isabelle.”

Animal Crossing’s Isabelle was a beloved addition to Super Smash Bros. as well.

Turns out, you don’t actually need a whole lot to make an Isabelle cosplay work. A green plaid vest, some yellow pants or leggings, and you’re halfway there already.

But, what sets VenusBlessing’s apart is the amount of detail she put into things. The clothes are on point, down to the little red bow on the shirt, and she’s even rocking a hairstyle similar to the Animal Crossing character.

She even included the ears and a red hair tie with a bell. The only thing that’s missing is a nice cool drink on her desk. Now if that’s not attention to detail, we don’t know what is.

Even though there have been complaints about Nintendo “abandoning” Animal Crossing just a few months after coming out, cosplays like this show the community is still going strong.

Whether or not VenusBlessing will pull off any more Animal Crossing looks remains to be seen, but she does have plenty more cosplays on her Instagram page as well.