Valkyrae explains why she misses “the good old days” of Among Us

Valkyrae Among UsInnersloth, Instagram: Valkyrae

100 Thieves co-owner Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hoffstetter has become known for a host of different things, but Among Us was one of the titles that snowballed her YouTube career. Turns out, she really does miss it. 

There’s a lot of things that you can associate Valkyrae with. She’s a co-owner of esports behemoth 100 Thieves, a music video star, and a member of one of GTA RP NoPixel’s most notorious virtual gangs.

A lot of people still associate her with Among Us, though, proven by her recent venture onto talkshow host Jimmy Fallon’s Twitch stream.

Turns out we’re not the only ones feeling nostalgic, though, as the YouTube sensation has opened up about missing 2020’s most iconic title.

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ValkyraeInstagram: Valkyrae
Valkyrae and Among Us will forever go hand in hand.

Valkyrae misses “the good old days” of Among Us

In the stream that debuted her star performance in Bella Poarch’s music video, “Build a B*tch,” Rae takes a trip down memory lane by looking at her dedicated subreddit.

Coming across a highlight reel of Among Us clips entitled “The End of an Era,” she laments the fact that the game has largely fallen out of the streaming meta.

“I actually really miss the Among Us lobbies. I miss when everyone was addicted to it. I miss playing with everyone more often.”

Asking “it feels like everyone went their separate ways. Doesn’t it feel like that?” eventually she concludes “it’s kind of sad.” A little later in the stream, she refers to her time calling out imposters as “the good old days,” prompted by an Among Us inspired drawing of the Amigops crew.

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(Topic begins at 53:32)

While the last map to drop in the title, Airship, failed to really make it off of the ground, it’s interesting to see just how nostalgic Rae feels.

It’s clear that the game really was close to her heart, as well as the friends that she made during her meteoric rise to YouTube stardom.

We’ll have to wait and see if the gang gets back together again, but at the moment it seems like there won’t be any more Among Us streams in the near future.