Proximity Chat in Among Us: What is it and how to use it

Among Us taking over TwitchInnersloth

Among Us has become one of the most popular games on the planet, providing an escape during this global crisis. However, the proximity chat mod has changed how you play the game for the better. 

Among Us has become a modern-day classic already. With everyone from pro esports players to casual gamers all trying their hand at the game, Among Us has become the perfect method of escapism across the globe.

Streams of the game are among the most popular on YouTube and Twitch, with content creators such as Corpse Husband seeing a massive increase in viewership.

In a YouTube video featuring Corpse alongside other popular streamers such as Sweet Anita and CouRage, the players discovered a mod that makes the game even more fun, also adding a way to scare your fellow space travellers.

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This new mod makes Among Us even more fun.

What is Among Us proximity chat?

Proximity chat is a feature that mimics how sound travels in real-life. The closer another crewmate (or Imposter) gets to you, the louder their voice gets. The opposite is also true, as the further away the player moves the softer the sound gets. It also allows the other crewmates to hear through walls, making the Imposter’s job a lot harder.

This presents a wealth of fun opportunities. As CouRage explains, running at another crewmate and screaming down the mic will certainly give them a shock.

All of the streamers are seen causing absolute havoc as they run around the map framing each other as the Imposter. The gameplay looks so much more fun, but also adds a degree of complexity to what seems a straightforward concept.

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How to use proximity chat in Among Us

The good news is if you want to have a go at using this feature, you can do so by downloading the mod on PC, as YouTuber Ottomated explains.

  1. Go to GitHub and download the latest version of CrewLink.
  2. Once installed, the mod will open automatically.
  3. Clicking ‘Open Game’ will open the game via Steam, allowing you to use proximity chat.
  4. Joining a lobby will show your sprite on the mod screen with your username and customization settings.
  5. For others to join you in proximity chat, they just need to have the mod installed, and be in the same lobby as you.

The mod seems to occasionally have some issues, so may not be quite as reliable as it would be if it was officially in the game, but when working seems to be a great way for players to join in with the fun.