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Among Us

Incredible Rocket League mod turns Among Us crewmates into cars

Published: 8/Nov/2020 7:03

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Among Us and Rocket League are successful games in their own right, but a team of modders has been hard at work trying to bring the two together.

Among Us and Rocket League don’t have a lot in common. However, they’ve both had an enormous boost in popularity this year, and it seems like it’s going to continue to rise for quite some time.

Among Us has been particularly impressive since it’s gameplay is simple but incredibly fun. Still, that hasn’t stopped modders from trying to come up with ways to make it better and even bring it to life in other games.

Among Us Rocket League Mod
Among Us has been one of the most streamed games on Twitch throughout the year.

Rocket League modders have hopped on the bandwagon too, and they’re using the game’s custom creation tools to create an Among Us map and mode with a Rocket League twist. 

The project is led by a map designer named Lethamyr, who also happens to be a streamer and professional Rocket League player. He’s made many other custom maps, but none have been as exciting or ambitious as this one.

He’s teamed up with two other modders named Gidek and CinderBlock, who are more focused on the gameplay and networking side of things. They’re all very excited about it and have worked for more than a thousand hours already.

“Among Us in Rocket League will literally be a game inside a game,” said Lethamyr. “I am so excited for this project to be done and out there for everyone, combined hours on this project are easily over 1000, it will be insane…”

Lethamyr has been very open about its development on social media, all the way from when it first started until now.

He has even been kind enough to share pictures and provide status updates. “These Among Us Rocket League hallways looking kinda nice,” he said in one post.

It’s an exciting project and one that many players of both games are keeping an eye on. Sadly, there’s still no release date in sight, but it will definitely be worth the wait once it’s ready.

Like most mods, it will only be available to players on PC. Consoles and mobiles still lack adequate support and infrastructure to make it possible for modders to bring their projects to fruition.

In the meantime, there’s still plenty of Among Us and Rocket League to enjoy. And the best part is, they’re only going get better as time goes on.


Sykkuno fans concerned after he ends Among Us stream in tears

Published: 22/Nov/2020 17:19 Updated: 23/Nov/2020 15:34

by Charlotte Colombo


Fans expressed their concern for Twitch streamer Sykkuno last night, as he was seen becoming visibly tearful during a game of Among Us with Valkyrae and DisguisedToast, before abruptly ending the livestream.

Update – 11/23/20

Sykkono has addressed concerned fans in a separate stream, saying: “Sometimes you have some issues going on in life and I probably shouldn’t have streamed that day…It wasn’t anything anybody did, it wasn’t even a chat honestly.” He said, “It was just a tough day,” before adding that he’d rather not give any details on his stream.

Original article

Sykunno, real name Thomas, is a 28-year-old streamer, with a huge following on both YouTube and Twitch, with 1.73 million subscribers and 1.59 million followers respectively.

He has risen to stardom on Twitch especially in 2020, partly in thanks to the growth of Among Us, and has become one of the fastest-growing content creators on the platform. So it isn’t surprising that, when he appeared to become emotional during his November 21 livestream, his fans quickly jumped to his defense.

What happened on Sykunno’s stream?

It all started during a livestream Sykunno did on Minecraft earlier in the day with, among others, fellow streamers and friends Valkyrae and DisguisedToast. “The vibes were off from the beginning,” one viewer said, with other players “spamming” the chat and “backseating” (telling him how to play the game) so much, that Sykunno had to put the chat in sub-only mode several times.

The viewer added that “it was obvious that Sykunno was annoyed/upset with the people in the chat” in his previous stream before he moved on to streaming Among Us.

As crewmate in the initial rounds, Sykunno kept getting killed straight away, while as imposter, he was caught out straight away as his fellow imposter “framed” him for the death of another player.

rae insta
Instagram: Valkyrae
In her own stream of the game, Valkyrae can be heard apologizing to Sykunno after noticing that he was upset. However, her stream was later deleted.

Sykunno can then be seen looking visibly dejected in a later round where, after joking that he could’ve secretly vented and killed the player, he is voted out by the rest of the team.

When he protested the choice, Valkyrae joked that he shouldn’t “pretend to be sad after pretending to be an imposter”, while DisguisedToast jokingly asked if Sykunno had “learned his lesson” yet. A reupload of the stream was posted to YouTube.

Rae, Toast and the rest of them then jokingly yelled at Sykunno for making jokes and “memeing” during the game, to which he responded: “I was just trying to make everyone laugh.”

disguised toast
Instagram: DisguisedToast
Streamer DisguisedToast, who lives with Sykunno, was also part of the stream.

During the next round, he keeps his camera off for most of it and appears to be crying, staying quiet with little commentary. When speaking during the emergency meeting to confirm his location, his voice cracks and he says: “I don’t think I should talk anymore.”

When the game ends, he abruptly ends his stream, leaving fans and friends worried.

Fans start hugsforsykunno trend

Following the worrying stream, concerned fans showed their support for the gamer by posting Tweets with the hashtag #HugsforSykunno. The hashtag soon gained so much traction that it began trending in the US.

Some fans also turned on Valkyrae and Toast, accusing them of making Sykunno cry.

Other users argued that Sykunno wouldn’t want fans to be targeting Valkyrae, with one fan Tweeting: If u cared about Sykkuno, you would know that he would not want anybody to give BS to his friends.”

youtube rafael
YouTube: StreamTrendz
Over on YouTube, fan Rafael Henrique argued that Sykunno was upset following a hard day, not because of Rae and Toast.

Over on YouTube, one fan pointed out that “Toast and Rae clearly didn’t want to hurt him. You could hear it in their voices that they were just messing around”, while another fan noted: “When you’re having a bad day, even the most natural of interactions (meme or not) can take a huge toll and feel so overwhelming.”

Sykkuno later Tweeted thanking fans for their support as well as requesting that they don’t target his friends Rae and Toast for allegedly “making him cry”.