Among Us and Jeopardy have crossed over, and the internet is “sus” about it

Among Us cyan imposter impaling yellow crewmate with jeopardy logo belowInnersloth / Wikimedia Commons

The word “sus” is not an Among Us creation, but its wide slung adoption within gaming communities is owed single-handedly to the Innersloth hit. It’s now reaching new audiences too, getting air time on the small screen with beloved gameshow Jeopardy.

Among Us can now take its place in the lofty halls of Jeopardy fame.

Gaming isn’t necessarily a new topic on the hit quiz show which has run for over three decades, with heavyweights like Skyrim, Fortnite and Sonic used as questions previously.

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Now, the multiplayer blame-fest has proven its mark on society by being included as part of a question on the gameshow.

In full, the question reads “Slang adjective for someone you think is not what they seem, especially if they might be the imposter in the game “Among Us”.

Following the ‘answer as a question’ format Jeopardy runs under, lead to only one conceivable answer for contestant Mattea.

“What is Sus?” remarked the gameshow player, allowing them to further extend a healthy lead that had been building up throughout the game to that point.

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Comments on Twitter and YouTube have exploded with humorous takes, and a sense of pride from seeing the game referenced on such a prominent stage.

The social media team behind the Among Us Twitter made swift use of the moment, getting stuck into comments and retweets with fans.

Congrats to all of us” the official page Tweeted. Users, however, were quick to correct them to “all of sus.”

Although the vast amount of commentary was positive, pot shots were also taken at the game: “Among us has officially peaked, there’s no way to top this.

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The sentiment is shared by the social team too, with them ready to kick their feet up and just “retire”.

While it’s not the most ground-breaking crossover — and not the first for Among Us either — the interaction does show how gaming culture is slowly intertwining with the rest of the world, even if the questions are sometimes a bit “sus”.

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