OpTic Gaming Crush FaZe For The Fourth Time In a Row

March 19, 2017


The OpTic Gaming Call of Duty pain train continues after defeating FaZe Clan in the winner bracket final at CWL Dallas.

Coming into the event OpTic had a 9-1 record on maps against their rivals after one win at CWL Dallas and a two series win at CWL Paris.


After OG narrowly took down the British squad of Splyce in the winner bracket semi-final, the general consensus was that FaZe would provide more of a challenge, but the reality turned out to be different.

A close Hardpoint Scorch set the precedent with a 250-198 scoreline and with the crowd heavily behind the fan favourites, they proceeded to win Throwback SnD 6-3 and Uplink Frost 8-2.

The win takes OpTic to an impressive 12-1 map record across the last four series between the two teams, making FaZe Clan’s victory in December 2016 at CWL Las Vegas a distant memory.


FaZe will now drop to face eUnited in the loser bracket final, whilst OpTic wait in the grand final for the victor.

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