The new look FaZe Clan and eUnited Call of Duty rosters got their first chance to prove themselves during MLG’s CWL 2K online tournament on Sunday June 25th.

It was announced on Friday June 23rd that James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks had left FaZe after two years with the team, in a direct trade for eUnited’s Peirce ‘Gunless’ Hillman.


The move came down to the wire as the two teams negotiated the transfer, announcing just hours after the roster lock for Stage Two of the CWL Global Pro League.

The online CWL 2K on Sunday June 25th almost brought the two teams face to face, but unfortunately, Cloud9 and Luminosity Gaming spoiled the party in the semi-final.

Luminosity went on to win the single elimination tournament and the $2,000 first prize, winning 3-2 in the grand final.

The CoD Pro Points on offer in the 2K will prove vital in deciding which teams outside of the pro league make the last chance qualifier tournament for CoD Champs 2017 in July.

Please note, the teams in italics have had their name changed due to previously being inappropriate, with the most prominent player name being used instead.



North American Sunday 26th Online 2K CWL Final Placements

Placement Team Roster CoD Pro Points Prize Money
1 USA Luminosity Slacked, Classic, Saints, Octane 2,000 $2,000
2 USA Cloud9 Aches, Preist, Assault, Xotic 1,200 $1,000
3/4 USA FaZe Clan Gunless, Attach, Enable, ZooMaa 800
3/4 USA eUnited Clayster, Prestinni, SiLLY, Arcitys 800
3/4 USA Rise Nation FeLo, Faccento, Loony, Aqua 600
5/8 USA Str8 Rippin Mirx, Studyy, Dashy, Ricky 600
5/8 USA Team Maux Drama, Riviction, Hitman, Maux 600
5/8 USA Allegiance Nova, Believe, Mayhem, Spoofs 600
9/16 USA Rogue 400
9/16 USA Team Hec 400
9/16 USA Echo Fox 400
9/16 USA Team Remy 400
9/16 USA Team Holler 400
9/16 USA Team Kaliber 400
9/16 USA eRa Eternity 400
9/16 USA Team Juju 400
17/32 USA Team Hydro 200
17/32 USA Team Chino 200
17/32 USA Team Teddy Recks 200
17/32 USA Team Miyagi 200
17/32 USA Team Phenom 200
17/32 USA Team Killa 200
17/32 USA Team iGetFreeHugs 200
17/32 USA Team Slayzur 200
17/32 USA Team Anihmal 200
17/32 USA Team Derpun 200
17/32 USA Lonzo Ball 200
17/32 USA FFG eBash 200
17/32 USA Team Blazen Brady 200
17/32 brazil Gorilla Core 200
17/32 USA PNDA Gaming 200
17/32 USA Team Paranoia 200


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