Evil Geniuses have released a video highlighting their Call of Duty team successfully qualifying for the CWL Global Pro League.

Going into the recent CWL Dallas Open, Evil Geniuses were ranked eleventh in Pro Points, falling short of the nine places that would secure a spot in the Global Pro League. On top of that, they’d be starting in the open bracket, meaning they’d have to fight their way through a gruelling series of best-of-threes to even catch up with the teams ahead of them.


Though EG made it to the qualifying match for pool play, disaster struck – they lost to eRa, missing out on any chance of making it to the winner bracket or getting an opportunity to advance their placement. They’d now be playing sudden death, with no more room for error and their chances of making the Pro League looking perhaps slimmer than ever.

With their backs against the wall, Evil Geniuses were able to fight their way past Elevate, Rise Nation and Millenium in the loser bracket to reach a match against The GosuCrew, in which the winner would qualify for the Global Pro League. The team were able to complete their epic run with a 3-1 victory, securing their place.

In the aftermath of the accomplishment, Evil Geniuses have put together a short video highlighting the Call of Duty team’s result in Dallas, featuring some commentary from the players on the squad.

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