We’ve compiled the results from CWL Pro Division from Australia/New Zealand, Europe and North America, all for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday North American

usa 100Thieves 1-3 usa H2k Gaming

usa Dream Team 2-3 usa Team eLevate

usa Rise Nation 2-3 usa Team EnVyUs

usa compLexity Gaming 1-3 usa Cloud9

usa Team Solomid 0-3 usa Luminosity Gaming

Wednesday North America

usa H2k Gaming 1-3 usa Rise Nation

usa FaZe Clan 3-0 usa Team Solomid

usa Dream Team 1-3 usa OpTic Gaming

usa Team EnVyUs 1-3 usa compLexity

Tuesday Europe

uk flsh Millenium 2-3 FRANCE FLAG  Supremacy

uk flsh Epsilon eSports 3-0 uk flsh Team LDLC

uk flsh Splyce 3-0 FRANCE FLAG Team Vitality

uk flsh HyperGames 1-3 uk flsh Exertus

Wednesday Europe

uk flsh HyperGames 3-0 FRANCE FLAG Supremacy

uk flsh Epsilon eSports 3-2 uk flsh Exertus

uk flsh Millenium 3-2 Spain Flag Giants Gaming

uk flsh Infused 3-0 FRANCE FLAG Team Vitality

Tuesday Australia/New Zealand

Aus Flag Chiefs Esports Club 3-2 Aus Flag Mindfreak

Aus Flag Apotheon eSports 0-3 Aus Flag Team Immunity

new zealand nz Team Orbit 3-1 Aus Flag eXcellence

Aus Flag Nv Plantronics 0-3 Aus Flag Tainted Minds

Wednesday Australia/New Zealand

Aus Flag Team Immunity 0-3 Aus Flag Tainted Minds

Aus Flag Mindfreak 3-0 Aus Flag eXcellence

Aus Flag Apotheon eSports 3-2 Aus Flag Nv Plantronics

Aus Flag Chiefs eSports Club 3-1 new zealand nz Team Orbit

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