The Fnatic organisation announced their return to the competitive Call of Duty scene on Saturday January 21st.

The London based brand are one of the most recognisable names in the industry and feature world class teams across League of Legends, Counter Strike and DOTA 2.


It’s been over five years since Fnatic last featured in the CoD scene.

Their previous squad consisted of Tobi ‘Tobi’ Foster, Scott ‘Mak’ Brass, Sam ‘Bissell’ Bissell and Jordan ‘Vapez’ Haydney and whilst playing the first Black Ops title, they took first place at EGL4 in London.


Bissell, Vapez, Tobi and Mak at EGL4 in 2011

Shortly after EGL4, Fnatic withdrew their support for the series and went on a hiatus from the Activision game.

It had been rumoured that captain Tom ‘Tommey’ Trewren had been in talks with the organisation for sometime, and just days before the Gfinity Invitational, an announcement confirmed the return.

So who makes up this squad and what can we expect from this squad in 2017?

Tom ‘Tommey’ Trewren

tommey 1

Tommey is one of only three people worldwide to attend every $1 million+ Call of Duty tournament. The veteran player is one of the most decorated players in European history with 17 tournament wins.

Playing for Millenium throughout Black Ops 3, his squad won both of the CoD World League Pro Division titles for Europe in the first year of full Activision support.

His team were tipped to do great things at CoD XP 2016, but they were left wondering what could have been after Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan backed out of the event just days before flying to the US.

Picking up a squad of young up and coming players, Tommey will face one of his biggest challenges in the competitive scene as he goes up against a number of his old teammates, no longer as the favourite.

Gurdip ‘SunnyB’ Bains

sunnyb 1

SunnyB is a player who proves that if you continue to work hard, you’ll make it to the top. Attending ESWC on Ghosts as part of Basic Esports, he placed 5th after losing to Evil Geniuses.

Competing as part of a number teams throughout Advanced Warfare, he didn’t make a name for himself until he started to compete with Epsilon eSports throughout Black Ops 3, eventually placing 13th to 16th at CoD XP.

Although he has yet to win an offline tournament, with Tommey’s guidance there is only good things expected of this talent.

Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall


Skrapz is another former Epsilon eSports player who made a name for himself throughout Black Ops 3. Picked up for Stage 2 of the CoD World League Pro Division, he was also part of the team who placed 13th to 16th at CoD XP.

He originally broke through into the sights of the professional players as part of the Team Tempo squad who placed 5th to 6th at the EGL London open in 2016.

After the team failed to qualify for the Pro Division, he got his chance with Epsilon.

Bradley ‘Wuskin’ Marshall

face question

There isn’t much to talk about with Wuskin, having never attended an event during his career. The twin brother of his teammate, Skarpz, he posses extraordinary talent and is tipped as one of the up and coming players in European Call of Duty.

Representing Fnatic as your first team would be daunting for most, however if he posses the ruthless capabilities of his brother, his team won’t have anything to worry about it.

The team will be competing at the CWL Gfinity London Invitational between January 26th and 29th, going up against 15 of the other top European teams in the $25,000 event. The results of the tournament will have a direct impact on whether the Fnatic squad will be invited to the pool play portion of MLG Atlanta in February.

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