German TV channel ProSieben MAXX have pulled any CS:GO programming from their schedule in a shock move.

The channel were due to air the TBS E-League finals, but have cancelled the show due to the Munich terror attack last week that resulted in the loss of 9 lives and 35 injuries. The move has baffled those in favour of esports being shown on TV, citing it as a huge set back for Germany.

Whilst it’s a bold move by ProSieben to cancel the show, Germany has a history of censorship when it comes to violence, with previous Call of Duty games being edited to remove sensitive material.

What do you make of the decision to have it removed?

Mattias Remmert of Freaks4U said the following –

“Today, ELeague’s show has been canceled and the TV channel won’t show its last episode. I think it’s sad that such an event takes away the chance to show every non-esports fan how awesome this sport can be. It was a beautiful journey to represent the german esports scene in TV and am thankful to every single viewer, especially those who worked closely with us to give feedback.”

Source – ESPN


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