The European online 2k victory on Sunday January 15th by Splyce confirmed the squad as the number 1 seed for Gfinity’s CWL London event.

Taking place between January 26th and 29th, the $25,000 tournament will see 16 teams invited based on their pro point standings.


So who will be in attendance? We’ve calculated all of the points as of January 16th and displayed what we believe to be the 16 teams who’ll turn up.

At the time of writing we can’t confirm the team names every squad will go under, with a number nicknamed after their most prominent player.

In total 9 of the 16 teams will be predominately British, 4 from France and 3 mixed European squads. No Spanish players will be in attendance.


European Call of Duty Pro Points Standings

  1. uk flag Splyce (Joshh, Madcat, Bance, Jurd) – 26,835
  2. uk flag Elevate (Reedy, Zed, Watson, Seany) – 23,055
  3. uk flag Orbit (Rated, Urban, Zer0, Joee) – 22,810
  4. uk flag Infused (MarkyB, Nolson, Peatie, Moose) – 22,005
  5. uk flag Team Tommey (Tommey, Skrapz, Wuskinz, SunnyB) – 19,480
  6. uk flag Team Qwiker (Qwiker, Zerg, Weeman, Niall) – 18,900
  7. france Supremacy (Vortex, Senka, Hosterz, Eazy) – 18,640
  8. Europe Aware Gaming (Benji, Gefkid, Yohanson, Denz) – 17,755
  9. uk flag The Imperial (Shane, Enduraaa, Braaain, SamB) – 14,980
  10. uk flag Epsilon esports (Vortex, Dqvee, Desire, Hawqeh) – 13,495
  11. Europe Black Forest Games (Revolt, Torres, Subsist, SamBaldy) – 12,890
  12. Europe FAB (Kivi, TypicalNerd, Addiction, UAVSlays) – 11,870
  13. france Cyclone (Sayko, Musco, SlyZh, Staan) – 11,745
  14. france Millenium (Maxxie, Malls, TonyJa, Zeek) – 11,295
  15. france Hadouken (Wailers, Shukzz, WannaG, Zayrox) – 10,970
  16. uk flag Team Hesk (Hesk, BoabyCee, JME, Briggs) – 10,465

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