USA FaZe Clan: ZooMaa, Enable, Attach, Clayster

uk flag Fnatic: Tommey, wuskin, Skrapz, SunnyB

Despite losing their opening match of the CWL Global Pro League, Fnatic had an impressive first showing.

As the most formidable team in the group, FaZe Clan weren’t just favourites against Fnatic, but also against every other team they’ll play this weekend. Despite the odds seemingly overwhelming against them, however, Fnatic put up a strong fight in the first match of the group.


Things started off as expected, with Enable in particular having a hot start to Breakout Hardpoint, helping FaZe to an early lead. Despite being down significantly, however, Fnatic managed to find a new gear, with Skrapz and wuskin turning around their personal performance to lead the way in an epic come-back attempt. In the end, it came down to mere seconds, with FaZe clinching it 250-245.

The second map, Retaliation Hardpoint, was a little more convincing. Wuskin shone individually for Fnatic, but on the FaZe side Clayster was able to match his performance, with both players clearly standing out for the entire match. It was support from the rest of FaZe, however, that ultimately meant it was Clayster whose dominant showing was converted to a win, taking the game 6-3.

However, the most one-sided map of the series would be Throwback Uplink – but it was FaZe who were on the receiving end of the beating. Incredibly, Fnatic seemed to simply outclass them, collecting a 7-0 victory in which FaZe never looked remotely in contention, despite the slaying numbers not being heavily in Fnatic’s favour.


Unfortunately, however, the Fnatic dream would end there. It was Throwback once again for the second Hardpoint of the series, and though the European squad got off to a good start, an epic turn-around from Clayster – going from 5-16 to 25-17, including a 13 kill-streak along the way – drove FaZe to a 250-168 victory to take the series 3-1.

In spite of the score-line being within the realm of expectations going in, Fnatic arguably exceeded expectations in-game. As well as flashes of individual brilliance, they showed moments where, as a team, they seemed capable of matching FaZe, something few squads can manage. Despite the loss, it’s a positive start to Group Blue for Fnatic.

Map Scores

Breakout HP: 250-245

Retaliation SND: 6-3

Throwback Uplink: 0-7

Throwback HP: 250-168

FaZe Clan 3 – 1 Fnatic

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