The mixed nationality European team of XtroVert eSports have announced they have disbanded.

The news broke on Twitter on Tuesday February 22nd, with Finnish player Aleksi ‘GefKid’ Viitala announcing free agency on Twitter.


XtroVert had been playing under Aware Gaming at the Gfinity CWL London tournament, before switching to XtroVert eSports in order to receive funding to compete at MLG’s CWL Atlanta tournament and ESWC CWL Paris.

The team struggled at both events, placing 41st to 48th in Atlanta and dropping down in 13th to 16th in Paris. Despite their lacklustre performances, the team wasn’t expected to split.

We reached out to GefKid to understand why the team decided to go their separate ways.

“Well basically Denz decided to leave to another team because Benji and Johnsson have school, which makes us not being able to play and put as much practise in as much as him or even I would want.

“Schools obviously important but competing with the top teams is pretty hard playing only a couple hours a day. Still unsure if myself benji johnsson are going lf1 or whats happening next.”


It’s unclear where Belgian player Bjarne ‘Denz’ Sleebus will be competing next, and not one that his former teammate is willing to disclose.

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