The competitive CS:GO scene let out a huge sigh of relief as the UMP45 was finally nerfed in a patch launched on Tuesday May 24th.


The popular first-person shooter for the PC is currently one of the world’s largest esports with millions of fans tuning into elite level tournaments on what can often be a weekly basis.

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Players, analysts, and fans had started to resent the relatively low cost of the overpowered UMP45, and Valve has now fixed that by adjusting the damage at range to be more in line with the other SMG’s.

A new operation known as Hydra was also part of the download, which will include unique game modes that will be featured on a weekly basis, including “Weapons Expert” which allows you to buy a weapon once, but not again within the 30 round limit.

CS:GO Hydra Update Patch Notes – Tuesday May 24th


  • Operation Hydra Events – unique game modes that are available for a week at a time:
  • WAR GAMES: a set of twists on classic gameplay, including a special heavy armor, low-gravity sniping, team deathmatch, and more.
  • WINGMAN: 2v2 competitive match on single-bombsite maps, a quick best-of-16 rounds, and a special Wingman skill group.
  • WEAPONS EXPERT: Once you buy a weapon, you can’t buy it again for the rest of the match. 5v5 best-of-30 match with a special Weapons Expert skill group.
  • Four new and three returning community-created maps, featured in weekly Hydra Events and available in regular matchmaking for casual and competitive play.
  • Austria, Shipped, Lite, Thrill, Agency, Insertion, Black Gold.
  • Operation Hydra All Access Pass ($5.99) includes:
  • Guardian Mission campaign, with 30 missions that can be completed (and replayed) at your own pace.
  • Access to Operation weapon drops and the new Operation Hydra Case.
  • Operation Hydra Challenge Coin upgradable to the new Diamond level.
  • Operation Hydra Journal that tracks your stats and provides friends leaderboards.


  • Increased fidelity of 3rd person weapon sounds when HRTF is enabled.
  • Made minor mix adjustments.



  • Reduced the UMP45 damage at range to bring the weapon more in line with the SMG category (rangemodifier reduced from .85 to .75).
  • Players no longer respawn when upgrading to a bonus weapon in Deathmatch.
  • Added support for hostage maps in Demolition (for local/community servers.)
  • Improved radar spotting when mp_teammates_are_enemies is enabled.
  • Made Zeus show in pistol holster for players with a Zeus and no pistol.
  • Fixed bullets not penetrating “teammates” when mp_teammates_are_enemies is enabled. (Thanks ALH-R!)


  • Changed sv_disable_motd: default changed to 1.
  • Changed convar mp_free_armor settings: 0 = none, 1 = kevlar, 2 = kevlar + helmet.


  • Tweaked layouts of the following maps to better fit War Games and Wingman: Safehouse, StMarc, Lake, and Bank.


  • Moved CT spawn forward.
  • Added a bench at A for easier T access.
  • Fixed clip brushes poking through top flight of tunnel stairs.
  • Added clips to some lamp posts where player could get stuck.
  • Adjusted fade distances on some props.
  • Fixed visible nodraw seen from arch.


  • Added new map for Guardian and 2vs2 mode.


  • Added new map for Flying Scoutsman mode.

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