dota-2-international-dates-announcedThe dates for DotA 2’s The International 7 have been announced by Valve.

Whether you’re a DotA 2 fan or not, The International is always an event people pay attention to. Offering players the opportunity to contribute to the prize pool through the purchase of Compendiums, The International has long held the title for the biggest prizes in esports, with last year’s The International 6 surpassing $20 million in total prize pool.


This year, The International will take place August 7th to 12th, and will once again venture to the Key Arena in Seattle, which also hosted the previous three iterations of the event.

There was some speculation that this year, for the first time, The International might be headed outside of the United States. The tournament lives up to its name in that it features players and talent from a huge range of nationalities. At TI6, people of more than twenty-five nationalities were involved in the broadcast or tournament, making it truly one of the most “international” events in esports.

The recent political climate in the US has meant that questions were raised regarding the potential problems of entry to the country that could arise for some players, with Valve CEO Gabe Newell commenting earlier in the year that the company may consider moving the event. Fans of the Key Arena will be pleased to hear, however, that they did not ultimately go through with a change.


The other thing to note is that these dates do not include time dedicated to the group stage. In previous years, The International has featured an entire week for the group stage before moving to the arena for the play-offs, so it’s likely a similar set-up will be in place for The International 7.

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