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The second day of Worlds produced less madness than day one, with many of the matches ending in comfortable wins for the favoured teams.

While it may have been a better day for the analyst’s predictions, day two was by no means dull and the results mean that every group is still entirely open for the taking.

SK Telecom 1 – 0 Cloud9

sk telecom t1cloud9 logo

It was the Faker show in the first game of the League of Legends World Championship’s second day. Having picked up first blood with Bengi on Jensen, the two-time World Champion continued to dominate the C9 Mid laner, securing kills both solo and with assistance from Bengi or Wolf, building a steady CS lead all the while.

Though Faker did at one point overstep in trying to take a 1v2 in the top lane, by that point SK Telecom were too far ahead for his death to matter much. The defending World Champions eventually took Baron and closed out a game in which C9 had never threatened to so much as take a lead.

SKT’s debut at this year’s World Championship was a reminder that Faker is still one of the best players in the world, and if it’s indicative of his form for the event SKT will be a huge threat to anyone they face.

Flash Wolves 0 – 1 I May

flash wolvesi may

The second game of the day was a much longer and for the most part more sedate affair. Having picked up first blood, Flash Wolves found an opportunity to collapse on I May after the Chinese team took the first Drake of the game. Having secured three kills and a gold lead, the Flash Wolves played a slow and controlled game, denying I May any opportunities to close the gap.

The Flash Wolves were too slow though. In failing to play pro-actively enough, they weren’t able to take advantage of their lead and snowball, so as the game continued the significance of their early lead diminished.

In the late game it was I May who were able to come out on top in the fights, and ultimately take the game.

Team SoloMid 1 – 0 Samsung Galaxy

tsm logo vicegalaxy

Another one-sided match saw TSM living up to the hype they entered this World Championship with. Early pressure by Svenskeren and Bjergsen across the map bought the North American team a lead that they never relinquished, with Bjergsen putting in a Faker-esque performance on Syndra, the champion they both played and dominated with in today’s games.

It wasn’t too long into the game that things looked almost irredeemable for Samsung, and with a 10k gold lead at 25 minutes TSM had little trouble closing the game out. An important win for Team SoloMid, this victory relieves some of the pressure on them after an inauspicious start against Royal on day one. T

here are many matches still to play, but both TSM and Royal are beginning to emerge as favourites to survive one of the more closely contested groups.

Royal Never Give Up 1 – 0 Splyce


This game was all Uzi in perhaps the most dominating performance of Worlds so far. From picking up first blood on Splyce support Mikyx, Uzi never let off the pressure, turning a 20 CS lead at eight minutes into a 40 CS lead at thirteen.

Having secured an enormous gold lead Uzi went on the hunt, having surpassed the need for a front line to stand behind the Chinese ADC simply chased down any Splyce member he could find. With RNG having built a 13k gold lead by 22 minutes it wasn’t long before they were knocking on the door of Splyce’s base, and when Splyce attempted in vain to repel them it was fittingly Uzi with a quadra kill that ended the game for the Chinese team.

Royal continue to look like a dominant force in group D, and though it’s still relatively early days it’s hard to see them not making it to the knock-out stages given their performances so far.

H2k 1 – 0 INTZ

It was a comfortable victory for H2k to secure Europe’s first at this year’s Worlds. What should always have been a win became a little more of a question mark following INTZ’s incredible upset against EDG the day before, as well as H2k’s own struggles versus ahq, but H2k were able to avoid the late-game mistakes that plagued them on day one and capitalise effectively on early leads in lane.

It wasn’t the bloodthirsty spectacle that many of the matches so far have been, with H2k not even securing first blood until 18 minutes in, but rather than overtly destroy the Brazilian team H2k opted for a slow shut out, gradually constricting the life out of their opponents, earning gold by farming and objectives rather than kills.

With a first win under their belts H2k will perhaps feel slightly more confident going forward in the group stage, but they still have a lot of work to do if they’re to make it to the quarter finals.

Edward Gaming 1 – 0 ahq e-Sports Club

edward gaming logoahq

Perhaps the closest game of the day, it was a promising start for the Chinese team with a point to prove after day one. ClearLove made his mark on the early game with successful ganks across the map, but some clever macro play by AHQ saw them stabilise quickly to prevent EDG from running away with the game immediately.

Both teams then proceeded to trade blows throughout the match, neither capable of landing a shot that would gain them a significant advantage, even as Deft approached the Flame horizon over AN.

As the fourty minute mark approached the match still could have gone either way, but then EDG found the opening they’d been looking for, chaining an Elder Drake into a Baron into a victory within minutes.

The day’s results leave Group B effectively back where it started, with each team having won and lost one game. Though EDG are still capable of topping their group, they’ll still need to step up their game if they’re to challenge any of the heavy hitters later in the tournament, as ROX, SKT and RNG arguably all look stronger in what is still admittedly the very early stages of the tournament.

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