It has been officially announced that former professional Call of Duty player, Clément ‘RiskiN’ Hattée, will be now be competing in Overwatch.

As one of the most popular French players in the CoD esports scene, Riskin had an illustrious career, but struggled throughout Black Ops 3 as his Vitality team failed keep up on the international scene. He was eventually dropped alongside a number of other team mates as the organisation opted to bring in British players to improve results.

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Since being dropped it appears that Riskin has found a new passion in Overwatch. The Blizzard shooter has seen professional players from games such as Counter Strike, Battlefield and Team Fortress 2 make the move, but Riskin is the first high profile console player to get into a big team.

His team of French and Belgian players, known as T for TILT, will now represent the Vitality organisation in future Overwatch tournament. Riskin will take the captain position.

Vitality Overwatch:

  • france David ‘Lilbow’ Moschetto
  • france Simon ‘Chubz’ Vullo
  • belgium Alex ‘Hexis’ Berghs
  • france Clément ‘Riskin’ Hattée
  • belgium Alan ‘Flash0or’ Barillaro
  • france Thomas ‘Asox’ Williame

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