The European CoD Pro Points standings are looking tight for the top 6 spots at MLG Atlanta.

The points awarded from ladder matches, online tournament wins and event placements are used for seeding and invites to major tournaments and leagues.


Sunday 22nd’s online 2k tournament has increased the Splyce lead at the top of table, with a sizeable gap between Elevate in second position.

Gfinity’s CWL London Invitational will be a pivotal proving ground for teams wishing to make it into the invited top 6 pool play spots for MLG Atlanta at the start of February, and the top 8 spots for ESWC Paris pool play the weekend after.

The $25,000 Gfinity event starts on Thursday January 26th, with pool play followed by double elimination.


Teams below are based on expected rosters and are subject to change. Teams bolded are currently qualified for Atlanta pool play, teams in green are qualified for ESWC.

EU CoD World League Pro Points: January 23rd

  1. uk flag Splyce (Bance, Joshh, Jurd, Madcat) – 35,095
  2. uk flag Elevate (Zed, Watson, Reedy, Seany) – 28,545
  3. uk flag Team Infused (MarkyB, Peatie, Nolson, Moose) – 26,705
  4. uk flag Orbit (Rated, Zer0, Joee, Urban) – 26,135
  5. uk flag Fnatic (Tommey, SunnyB, Skrapz, Wuskin) – 23,500
  6. france Supremacy (Vortex, SenKa, Hosterz, Eazy) – 23,365
  7. uk flag Team 3G (Qwiker, Weeman, Zerg, Niall) – 22,650
  8. Europe Aware Gaming (Gefkid, Denz, Yohanson, Benji) – 20,680
  9. uk flag The Imperial (Shane, Enduraaa, Braaain, SamB) -17,365
  10. uk flag Epsilon eSports (Desire, Dqvee, Vortex, Hawqeh) – 15,215
  11. Europe Black Forest Games (Revolt, Torres, Baldy, Subsist) – 14,465
  12. france Cyclone (Muscova, Sayko, SlyZh, Staan) – 13,835
  13. Europe FAB Games (Kivi, TypicalNerd, UAVSlays, Addiction) – 12,905
  14. uk flag Team BoabyCee (Hesk, JME, Briggs, BoabyCee) – 12,770

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