Yesterday it was revealed Chinese CSGO team, Tyloo, were unlikely to get a visa to enter the US due to incorrect paperwork provided by E-League.

That has now been confirmed, disappointing fans across the globe who hoped to see the Chinese squad compete against some of the best teams in the world in Atlanta. They will be replaced by North American squad, Selfless.

Tyloo had impressed Dreamhack Malmo¬†when they took down Luminosity Gaming in a best of 3 to knock them out of the tournament, earning an invite to the Turner’s televised CSGO tournament, the E-League.

On the inaugural night of the competition, host Richard Lewis confirmed that the Chinese team would be replaced by Selfless, a North American squad who have struggled to make an impact in recent international events. They’ll join group B and face off against OpTic, NiP and G2.



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