The Echo Fox organisation, owned and run by former NBA star, Rick Fox, have announced they’ve moved into the Gears of War scene.

The North American based brand have teams in games such as CS:GO, Call of Duty, League of Legends and Smash, continuing to expand rapidly as new titles begin to show promise.


The BOT Empire Gears of War team went into the MLG Columbus Open as a pickup teams with only 2 weeks practice together, but walked out in third place, losing narrowly to Team EnVyUs in an epic loser bracket match.

After the event, the team announced that their short term contracts with BOT Empire had expired and that they’d be looking for other opportunities.

Making the announcement via their website, they confirmed the squad would be attending the $150,000 Gfinity London Open between December 10th and 11th.

Rick Fox statement:

“Gears of War is an esport that I have been watching for some time now. After watching the excitement of the MLG Pro Circuit stop in Columbus, I knew this was an esport Echo Fox had to be a part of. These players proved that they have the potential to be the top team in Gears. I love the attitude that Soto, Speedy, Fragou7, Krash and Xcells play with and I believe they fit in with our goal of building championship teams.”

Echo Fox Gears of War

  • USA Kevin “Soto” Soto
  • USA Christopher “Xcells” Hill
  • USA Joshua “Krash” Galan
  • USA Dylan “Speedy” Winston
  • USA Charlie “Fragou7” McLaughlin

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