The German esports organisation of FAB Games have released a statement regarding the attempted transfer of Austrian CoD player, Kevin ‘Kivi’ Fiala.

It’s believed that the iMPacT Reloaded organisation, ran by well known German Youtubers, have attempted to acquire his services in order for the player to join their professional CoD team.

The complication is based around contract, preventing the player from joining former teammates Anton ‘ViscaBarca’ Rinas, Massi ‘GunElite’ Safi and Jordan ‘Reedy’ Reed.

The statement made by FAB explains that Kivi has signed a contract until June 2017 and due to iMPacT refusing to respect the legal framework in place, all negotiations have been blocked.

With the FAB organisation operating an all UK squad in Call of Duty, it’s unclear what their plans for the Austrian player will be for Infinite Warfare.

Full FAB Games statement –

“Due there are some miss understandings Concerning a possible transfer of Kevin “kivi” Fiala we are in need to instruct the German community about this situation:

Kevin “Kivi” Fiala is a contracted player of Fab Games eSports and wants to leave our organization to join an other team. The other party refused to come to a conclusion with us by now. All negotiations where blocked and ignored. Kevin “kivi” Fiala and the other party are about to neglect a valid contract which is valid until June 2017.

They did not take care of handling this professionally and seem to not care about possible bans and made this situation viral now. We apologize harshly did it seems like the German community does not understand did thesis kind of things need to be handled with professional care. We will keep handling anything professionally and will not make any statements until this issue is over. We trust on the fact that organizations all over the world have Their right to insist on Their contracts and agreements. Thank you. #FABfamily

Source – FAB Games


Kivi released a statement regarding the issue.

“Due to FAB recently releasing a statement regarding the situation of myself and the contractual obligations
I am apparently not meeting I wish to release my own statement and put my points across to the community
that I have been a part of for many years now.

FAB was recently approached about possible buy out of myself as a sign of good faith even though due
to several problems and their own obligations not being met and the contract being voided by misconduct
on their side, they ignored, became hostile and met this approach with an extremely unprofessional
mindset. I now have no other options but to set myself apart from the organisation due to this,
I have been told my salary can not be afforded at times and have never been reimbursed for the under-
payment even after asking for the money i am owed. Now they are trying to stop me from leaving while not
being able to even pay me my basic salary, this is not just a hobby this is my job.

They have told me time and again they are only looking out for my best interests and would terminate the
contract if I wished to leave and would not hold me against my will, he told the same to others in text
and is now denying this was ever said however we have proof. All i want is to part ways with an organisation
who have no met their basic requirements and do whats best for myself, I take contracts very seriously, clearly
FAB do not do the same.

I was promised alot by FAB and in the end recieved so much less. When they couldnt afford my salary I stuck
with them and said nothing publicly, I kept it to myself and did not wish to make them look bad but now
thats what they are doing to me, with lies and deceit.”

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